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       We offer beverage (champagne) fountains
 in 3 and 5 gallon sizes.

      Features include:

Silver or Gold Trimmed
Color Lights in Center
                 Column and Base
Floral Top Cup
Self-Serving Station
Operates on 115V

Champagne Fountains Champagne Fountains

Silver-Trimmed Fountains

    3 Gallon - 21" Height x 17" Diameter, 23 Lbs.
    5 Gallon - 30" Height x 19" Diameter, 24 Lbs

    (Floral Arrangement is Pictured for Reference Only,
          and is Not Included With Rental Units)

24k Gold -Trimmed Fountains

    5 Gallon - 30" Height  x 19" Diameter, 17 Lbs


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